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food safety for care workers
Food safety for care workers

Elderly clients are more vulnerable to food related illness, due to weaker immune systems. As a care worker it is your responsibility to ensure that you understand the causes of food related illness and the ways in which you can control the spread of bacteria.

manual handling for care workers
Manual handling for care workers

Manual handling in a health setting can cover a range of activities.
As a care worker you need to be skilled in manual handling of people unaided and also using appropriate equipment. Incorrect manual handling techniques can lead to serious injury. This award winning course covers your workplace obligations, common manual handling tasks, risk factors, assessment of risk and control measures. Safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility and this course ensures you have a basic understanding to ensure the safety of yourself, your colleagues and your clients.

bullying and harassment for care workers
Bullying & harassment for care workers

In this module, we will discuss the responsibilities of you and your employer in providing a workplace that is free of bullying, harassment and discrimination. We will look at what constitutes discrimination and what does not, your expected behaviour in the workplace, what workplace bullying is and the laws around sexual harassment. We will also discuss the procedure for reporting any incidents.

documentation for care workers
Documentation for care workers

As a care worker you will be required to document your client’s progress and complete a number of charts such as medication charts, food charts, pain charts and sleep charts. It is your responsibility to document these concisely and using language that is factual, using industry standard abbreviations and writing styles. Your notes are a legal document that may be used in a court of law, so it is imperative that you follow the guidelines in this module. This module is part of an award winning suite of products designed to keep your workplace safe.

infection control
Infection control for heathcare workers

Working in any direct care environment brings staff and clients in contact with one of the most infectious substances. In this course we will outline sources of infection and apply industry accepted practice to minimise risk of infection to workers, clients and others. As a healthcare worker, you have a responsibility not only to protect yourself from infection, but all the clients in your care. 

elder abuse
Elder abuse

No older person should be subjected to any form of abuse, often referred to as elder abuse. This award-winning course looks at the various forms of elder abuse including physical, psychological, financial, sexual and the compulsory reporting requirements under the Aged Care Act.  Age care facilities must ensure staff are trained in recognising the signs of abuse and ensuring the reporting is carried out using the systems and protocols in place. 

privacy an confidentiality for care workers
Privacy and confidentiality for care workers

In this course you will learn the difference between privacy and confidentiality and what it means for you as a healthcare worker. What information that you receive from your client can be shared and with whom? If you have been given confidential information, there may be some legal exceptions where confidentiality is not possible. What ere these exceptions? Who should you discuss this with and what are your obligations? These are some of the topics covered in this award winning course that every healthcare worker should be familiar with.

dealing with aggresive behaviour and behaviours of concern
Positive behaviour support

There will be times when you, as a carer, will experience challenging behaviour. Positive behaviour support is an evidence based approach with a primary goal of helping people to increase their quality of life. Often the behaviour is a message from clients that something is wrong or missing and they need help to make it better. In this module we look at how we determine the severity of the behaviour and ways in which we can manage the behaviour using the least restrictive method to the client’s personal freedom. 

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